Monday, September 28, 2009

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Premium Outlets

I went to the Petaluma outlet today and I got some goodies Yay for me.I got 5 Tinted lip spas, 5 lipsticks, and 2 bushes all under $26 bucks. Wow you can't beat that and especially when you buy name brand makeup that's only 2 items or 1 that you will end up with out the door and that sucks .They are all in order
So here are the names of the lip spas: Sake, Copacabana, Nirvana, Spirit, Vintage

I also picked up 5 lipsticks : Cocoa, Sierra, B52 ,B52, Thalia.

and lastly 2 Blushes Silky Rose and Mocha

I'm sorry for the bad pic as you can tell I'm in need of a new camera.